Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Always something new

Aiden is always saying something new. His favorite thing now is the Transformers song. He's favorite lines are "Transformers, more than meets the eye" and "Transformers, robots in disquise."
Since he likes to get up at 6:45am, I usually send him out of my room to watch a little tv so I can have some time to wake up. Transformers is on at 7. I'll never forget the first time we set the tv up to come on the channel with it on. He said, "woah, Transformers'. Well, this morning he was singing along with the introduction. I'm laying in bed half asleep and I hear, "Transformers, more than meets the eye". I smiled and fell back asleep.

Kind of random thought...
We were eating dinner yesterday and he asked Camryn if her pizza was hot. She said "Mm-hmm" like she always does so he said "well blow on it" and she said "OK"

I love watching my kids grow and learn. Aiden is so stinkin' smart. Tonight we were reading our favorite book, Mr Brown can Moo. If you've never read that book, a popular line is "Mr. Brown can do it, how about you?" After I read that line, Aiden always says "how about me?" so I say, "yes Aiden, how about you?" and he makes the noise. Do all kids do that or just my little man?

Our other favorite book is "In a People House" I swear that kid can "read" me the entire book. I point to the words and he says them. I realize he isn't reading them but still, that's pretty impressive to have almost the whole book memorize. Even the parts that don't have pictures, he can recite to me. I'm just amazed.

Camryn.. Camryn, Camryn, Camryn. What can I saw about Camryn. She is like a light switch. One minute she is completely lovey, dovey, the perfect child and the next, it's tantrums all the way. Oh it's so terrible. Aiden was never like this. We've been spoiled with that kid. He only acts out now because he gets it from her.

She cracks me up though. She gets so much from her brother. Now, when she burps, she covers her mouth with her wrist and says, "excuse me". She she falls, she gets right back up and "ok". When she walks by the stove she says "hot". If you say ouch, or that hurts she'll ask if you are ok. When she wants a drink she'll walk over to the fridge, pull on the door and say "cup, cup, cup". My favorite things to hear her say are oh no, are you (aka, where are you), uh oh and I dunno. I've got to get those on video cause they just make me laugh.

We are in for some serious trouble when she starts talking more.

Here are a couple pics of my new phone.

New on the left, old on the right.

This one came out better in CS4 but looks terrible here. oh well, don't feel like fixing it tonight.

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