Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I got a new cell phone

Hubby and I decided we are getting new cell phones for our anniversary next month. We follow the suggestions for what to give on ceratin anniversaries.
On our first anniversary, the traditional gift of paper or the traditional side of clocks, we got each other watches. He got me this nice Movado watch and I got him some watch from Things Remembered with an inscription on the back.
The 2nd anniversary was cotton or china. We went the traditonal route that year and got a new bed set.
The 3 anniverary was leather or crystal/glass. DH ordered me a ton of scrapbooking stuff, that included 2 leather albums. I got him..... I don't remember what I got him. Hmmmmm....
Now for our 4th anniversary which is March 13th. We've had our phones for 3 years and it's time for a change. They are super cheap since we will just be renewing our contract for 2 years.
Those are our versions of "appliances". All of our appliances are 3 years old so we don't need anything.
The only appliance I can think of that would be nice to have is one of those fancy stand mixers but I don't bake enough to justify $250.
Oh, if we went the traditional route it would be fruit/flowers. BORING!

Too bad I didn't have my DSLR last year for the crystal/glass anniversary :)

Here is where I'm getting the list from if you are interested.


Sorry I don't have any pics of it yet. I'll get right on that tomorrow when the sun is up.
Too bad I don't have a fancy macro lens to use ;)


thedailyclick said...

So which phone did you pick? One of those scary ones that does all kinds of things? LOL
We switched companies for mine a couple years ago (Greg gets his from work), and I told Greg I want a phone that was uncomplicated and easy to use. LOL The most it does, is take pictures and videos... and it has V-cast but I've never used it.

Hey, doesn't a macro lens count for fruit/flowers? DH can get you the lens, you can get him flowers (that you will take beautiful pictures with, thanks to that lens! Works for me! ;-)

Becky said...

Nothing fancy. It just looks pretty.
Darn! I should have told him that idea! It works for me too!

7aki Fadi said...

Your photography is really nice and you have a beautiful family :) .

Becky said...

Awww. Thank you!