Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy shopping day

On Tuesday I ran away. After the kids went down for their naps I headed out the door to go shopping. I went to 10 places that day. 10, that's a lot of in and out's of the truck and a lot of walking, no wonder my legs were sore that night.
First I went to Joann's to look for some embellishments for my new (free) scrapbook paper stack. Then I went to Target to look for some incentives for Aiden to use the potty and to exchange some shorts for Camryn. Next I went to Old Navy to exchange a shirt for me and one for Camryn. After that I headed back to my neck of the woods and stopped at Walgreens. They had some good deals to snag. Here's my list.
1. I got the Huggies deal. Spend $25 get $10 back in Register Rewards. I had some coupons so I got 2 packages of Pull Ups, 1 size 5 diapers and some wipes.
2. Fructis shampoo/conditioner for .99 after Walgreens coupon. I had $1.00 off coupon too so that was free.
3. 12 packs of Coke were 4/$13 and get $3 Register Rewards back making them $2.50 each. The best deal on soda is $2.00 but that won't be back for awhile.
4. A Fusion Razor for Todd. $8.99 and I had a $4 off coupon plus I got $4 in Register Rewards.

Total for Walgreens - $53.50
Saved 31.48
Earned in Register Rewards - $17

Next I went to CVS.
1. I got Coke there too. 4/$13 and got $3 back in Extra Bucks.
2. 3 pack of Trident gum - .99
3. 2 x Palmolive dish soap. $1.49 each with $1.00 EB back each
4. Mascara and Makeup -$12 and got $5 EB's back. (I need to go back and spend $8 more to get another $5 back.)
5. Quatro razor $8.99 and got $5 EB's
6. Secret Deodorant $3.99. Had a $1 off coupon and got $1 EB back.

Total was 44.91
- 7.50 in Coupons/EB's = 37.41 - $25 Gift Card from transfering a perscription.
So for all that I got I only paid $12.41 and I earned $16 In Extra Bucks.
Not too shabby!

Next I went to Fry's to get some deals and headed home for dinner. After dinner I went back out again because I wanted to do the majority of my grocery shopping at Albertsons to get more Monopoly pieces. Todd was told that people in the Valley were winning so he wanted me to get more game pieces. I did. I got 41 more pieces to be exact. We haven't won anything but only need 1 or 2 more in a couple places. We're keeping of fingers crossed.
Before I went there though, I had to go back up to Walgreens. The lady rang me up for 2 shampoos by mistake so I had to get that fixed and while I was there picked up 2 more things that I missed the 1st time. I got Advil PM for $4.49 - $1.00 coupon and picked up $2 in RR making it $1.49 and I got shave gel for $1.99 and $1 RR back.

Oops, I forgot 2 stops. I also went to Office Max to find DVD cover inserts and when they didn't have them I went to Wal-Mart.

That was a long day!!

Maybe I should start taking pictures of my loot so you all can see what I get.


Michelle said...

That was a good day. I wish I had the energy to go to so many places. I barely want to go to one, so I send John. Hopefully that will change after the baby is born. I am sure I will want to get out of the house for a break.

Chris said...

You could probably save even more by not drinking Coke. :P
I have no place to talk though, I buy a 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper for lunch almost every day at work. I know I could save a lot by bringing it from home, but I think I'd drink more of it if I had it in the fridge.

Becky said...

I know, I know. Thanks for pointing out my flaws bro. :P I only get it when it's on sale though and I'm really going to try and cut back.... it's hard though.

Becky said...
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